MXS2204 Mobile Operated Under Body Lighting Kit
MXS2204 Mobile Operated Under Body Lighting Kit
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MXS2204 Mobile Operated Under Body Lighting Kit

Brand: Tech Hardy Racing Project
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Million Color SMD LED Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control is the next step in the evolution of LED underglow lighting. This first of its kind underglow kit is designed to seamlessly integrate with Android devices (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 & up), as well as your iPhone (iOS 8 & up) providing unrivaled control and revolutionary lighting options. By utilizing surface mounted RGB LEDs, this Million Color SMD Underbody Kit allows for extremely vibrant and spotless color options and patterns.

Million Color Underbody Kit with Smartphone Control Features:


Connects to your iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th and 6th generation as well as Android devices (Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and up) for unprecedented color and pattern control.

Download via the App Store or the Google Play Store by clicking the links below. app on Google Play

Bluetooth Connectivity

Using Bluetooth technology instead of Wi-Fi gives you a secure point to point connection allowing for an easy automatic connection whenever you are in range of the control box. This also allows you to keep your Wi-Fi connection free, ensuring you can use it whenever you need to since you can only connect to one Wi-Fi access point at a time.

Ultra bright RGB LEDs

The featured ultra-bright, surface mounted wide angle RGB LEDs are used to create virtually any solid color option and offers 270 degrees of lighting.

Color Creation

The integrated color wheel allows for full color customization of primary and secondary colors allowing you to create virtually any solid color option imaginable.

Lighting Modes

Multiple unique underbody lighting modes are fully customizable allowing you to change primary and secondary colors, pattern speed and brightness levels. Includes solid color and fading patterns for the optional interior lighting tubes.

Customizable Presets

In-app preset buttons allow you to save your favorite lighting patterns for quick recall.

Lighting Options

Speed and Brightness Levels

Change the speed of selected patterns, as well as the brightness levels of primary and secondary colors with easy to use sliders.

Expandability Options

Easily expand your 4pc Million Color SMD Underbody Lighting Kit with Smartphone Control to include up to (6) 15" SMD interior tubes!


Over the air updates are offered to ensure compatibility with new operating systems, as well as adding more modes, patterns, etc.


1. (2) 36" & (2) 48" High Impact, Flexible, Water Resistant Tubes

2. Tubes are 4mm in Thickness

3. LED Wifi Controller

4. Mobile Control App (iOS & Android)

5. 48" & Front 36" Tubes Feature 13' of Wire

6. Rear 36" Tube Features 18' of Wire

7. Underbody Tube Junction Cable

8. Product Installation Manual

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