MXS2211 RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer
MXS2211 RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer
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MXS2211 RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer

Brand: Imported By MXS Motosport
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Brand Raizin pivot
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MXS Motosport

Product Name :-RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer


  • RAIZIN Volt Stabilizer - Universal Fitting for All Cars
  • Improved audio quality
  • Increased torque and response and power
  • Stabilized idling and improved engine kick over
  • Increased headlight brightness
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved battery life span
  • Our special condenser and original circuitry design bring you voltage stability
  • A blue led helps you identify any possible wiring mistake (Even with the key off the led only usses 0.5mA of power) so no need to worry about a desd battery
  • Internal duel fuses provent any possible accident
  • Heat resistant (to 125*C) case will not change shape
  • Circuitry has waterproof coating (But do not to install in areas subject to water or spray with water)
Brand Raizin pivot

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