MXSORL132 Round LED Fog Light Spotlight For Car and Motorcycle
MXSORL132 Round LED Fog Light Spotlight For Car and Motorcycle
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MXSORL132 Round LED Fog Light Spotlight For Car and Motorcycle

Brand: Tech Hardy Racing Project
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Branded: Tech Hardy Product. BEWARE of Cheap COPY CATS



Product Name:Universal LEDlighting(reversing lights, fog lights,running lights,front bumperlights,worklamps)
Power: 10W
Color temperaturerange: 8000-9000K
Light color:white
Input voltage:12V DC
Input Current: <1A
Working environment: -30-80
Storage temperature: -50-80
Currentstability: 2mA (within24 hours)
Dimensions: Length: 9cmbeforediameter: 7.5cmafterdiameter: 5cm

1. Applications:cars,sport utility vehicles,(roofspotlights,fog lampscan bemodified),motorcyclespotlights.
2. Anotheris alsoavailableat: swimming pool,pond,rockery, fountains, fish pondsand othermood lighting
3. Integratedchipas the light source, energy saving,environmental protection, low voltage,easy to control, long life, no UVadvantage;
4. Spotlighthousingmade of stainless steel,to ensuregood heat dissipation,highwater resistance;
5. Efficientandeffectivelenstranslucentreflectors,lightutilizationis high,good illumination;
6. Into thedepth ofnot more than1.5 m;
7. Uniquehighefficiencyconstant currenttechnology to ensurestable operation ofeach LED,long life.

Package List:

2x 10w fog light(No original box)

2 x MXS Motosport Decals

1 x MXS Motosport Catalog

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