MXS2484 Sparco Racing Gear Knob Silver For Universal Car
MXS2484 Sparco Racing Gear Knob Silver For Universal Car
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MXS2484 Sparco Racing Gear Knob Silver For Universal Car

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Discription :-

It's hard to find the correct words to best describe the sheer quality of a Sparco Gear Knob. Smooth. Luxurious. Solid. Yet it does so much more than just please you aesthetically.

What an awesome bit of engineering it is. The look and feel of it is perfect and the difference a Sparco Gear Knob will make to your car has to be felt to be believed. Not only does the sensation of the gear in your hand feel smooth, it also vastly improves the throw of the gear change. The Progretta Corsa style knob is an aluminium shift knob that offers outstanding performance. The counter-sunk "rivet" design sheds weight and helps increase grip.

Ergonomic and beautifully machined by Sparco, we vouch not only for the craftsmanship but the quality of the knob as it is a league much higher than other gear knobs in the market. The finish is just so flawless and perfect, with the engraving of the name Sparco done with such finesse.

It is so well made and very easy to fit. The main advantage is the solid connection to the gear stick itself. It promotes a more direct and mechanical feel to making gear changes. The knob being slim and long also facilitates and smoother and quicker change.

It's truly going to be a joy to drive. If you are contemplating about getting one, you WILL NOT be disappointed. Get one now and feel the difference. It is not always about speed and performance. It's about style too.

Features Colour: Silver with Black "SPC" Sparco engraving Height: 85mm Top Width: 39mm Bottom Width: 30mm Type: Gear Shift Knob

Package Include :-

1 X Sparco Gear Knob

2 x MXS Motosport Decals

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