MXSHL182 LED Monster Projector Headlight Royal Enfield Bullet
MXSHL182 LED Monster Projector Headlight Royal Enfield Bullet
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MXSHL182 LED Monster Projector Headlight Royal Enfield Bullet

Brand: Tech Hardy Racing Project
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MXS Motosport

Providing lighting solutions for automobile since 1992

High Performance,Long Range Projector



Extremely bright even in day light. Long range focused beam allows you see farway or through the dark.


Buy Best Quality High Performance after market lighting products only from MXS Motosport


We promise to provide you the latest High Tech and Best performance Projector headlights in INDIA.

Branded: Tech Hardy Product. BEWARE of Cheap COPY CATS


MXS Motosport Black Projector LED Light DRL Royal Enfield Bullet


MXS Motosport projector Headlight Assembly with Smoke Black Reflector.

Feature "13" optical lenses for bothlow-beam andhigh-beam lens,

Low-beam pattern remains on at all times, and the switched high beam adds additional punch down the middle of the road

Tech Hardy Cree Lenses focus light into a pool in front of the motorcycle, and separate high beam and low beam projector lenses provide a focused beam of light ahead

Low-beam pattern remains illuminated at all times and the switched high-beam adds illumination down the center line

Solid-state LEDs are designed for long life, and the shock-and vibration-resistant lamp assembly mounts into existing light housings

Installation is quick and easy, and the plug-in lamps connect to the factory headlamp wiring


This MXS Motosport Lighting 75W LED light has low beam, high beam and DRL function. Will fit many vehicles and motorcycles with the standard 7" round headlight. These headlights are sealed to prevent moisture and water build-up.

  • 10V to 24V DC Input (All Vehicle and Motorcycle Voltage)
  • 75W Total in LED Power using the latest Cree LED Technology
  • Up to 50,000 Hours Lifetime
  • 1750 Lumens in Low Beam
  • 3550 Lumens in High Beam
  • Water Sealed IP68
  • Black Housing
  • Die-Cast Aluminum
  • Optical Clear PC Lens
  • CE Certified
  • H4 Plug included
  • Additional cables for wiring the DRL function

1. Better Clarity and direction of beam

2. Brightness and depth of light is more accurate

3. Well Focused Light

4. Components by Tech Hardy Racing Project

Package includes:

1 X MXS Motosport Black Projector LED Light DRL Royal Enfield Bullet

1 X MXS Motosport Catalouge

2 X MXS Motosport Decals



  • Low power consumption,anti-shock,It's a new generation of energy saving and environmental protection light.
  • Long life-span,small luminance decline,good antistatic ability and color consistency.
  • The advantage lies in large viewing angle,light uniformity,high brightness and good heat dissipation.
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