MXSHL381 Projector Headlight Royal Enfield Bullet
MXSHL381 Projector Headlight Royal Enfield Bullet
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MXSHL381 Projector Headlight Royal Enfield Bullet

Brand: Mxs Motosport
Product Code: MXSHL381
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Providing lighting solutions for automobile since 1992

Item Description:

Custom MadeRoyal Enfield Bullet Headlight with XFR Cree Projector with Robotic eye,

Angel eye and Day time running light

Replacement of Stock company fitted headlight.

Day running lights and Robotic + Angel eye works when parking light mode is ON,

When headlights are turned ON XFR Cree projector gets activated and provide tremendous

visibility at night (Better than stock Halogen lamp)

Condition:100% brand new with MXS Motosport packing

Package Includes:

1 xCustom MadeRoyal Enfield BulletHeadlight with XFR Cree Projector, Robotic eye, angel eye

and Audi type day running lights

Other necessary wires and accessories for installation

Please specify the model of your Royal Enfield in message during your purchase.

Item Specifics:

Power input:12V vehicles

Fitment:Royal Enfield Bullet

Color Temperature Options:6000K(Pure White -- Default)

Item features:

Now Increase you battery life with style,

This Cree Projectorconsume less energy than halogen lamp

and Produces more light


We use high quality Projectors only

Friction free shutter/dipper coil

Optically tested projector lenses

All lights are tested on our test bench for 8 hrs

While Ordering please mention your model type and manufacturing year


All lights are custom made and are made by MXS MOTOSPORT

Architecture and sealant of lights are changed in order to perform the custom job (This does not affect the fitment of product)

Locks and clips of headlight are modified in order to perform the custom work (This does not affect the fitment of product)

Direct exposure of washing spray gun to sealed portion may result in formation of moisture inside headlight

Kindly install properly to prevent any damage to headlight

Brand Importer Tech Hardy Racing Project

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