MXSHL399 Tech Hardy White Angel Eye Projector Headlights for Mahindra Thar Jeep
MXSHL399 Tech Hardy White Angel Eye Projector Headlights for Mahindra Thar Jeep
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MXSHL399 Tech Hardy White Angel Eye Projector Headlights for Mahindra Thar Jeep

Brand: Tech Hardy Racing Project
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Branded: Tech Hardy Product. BEWARE of Cheap COPY CATS

Tech Hardy Model 8700 EvolutionLED Headlamps are a true high performance LED headlight designed to be a direct replacement for your Jeep Tech Hardy Headlights. They offer superior visibility, safety and durability, making it the most advanced LED headlight available on the market today. The Low Beam consists of the outer two LEDs and the upper Projector, while the High Beam is the lower LED Projector. Built with Long-Lasting LEDs mean never having to replace another bulb again! Die-cast aluminum housing also provides maximum protection while doubling as a heat sink. Featuring the new ComfortLite high beam system; which not only provides a more powerful light distribution down the road, but also delivers additional illumination above the horizon line. These lights are a true Plug & Play installation and the lights in this listing come as a pair.


The same construction that is used for the U.S. Military

Solid state electronics withstand shock & vibration

No breakable bulbs, fragile filaments or sensitive electrodes

Last 50+ times longer than stock halogen headlights

Raw Output: 1,770 (Low), 2,610 (High) Lumens

Effective Output: 750 (Low), 1,150 (High) Lumens

Operating Voltage: 9-32V DC

Mating Connector: H13

Standards: DOT Compliant, Transport Canada Compliant

Package Include:

2 x Mahindra Thar DRL's Projector Headlights.

1 x Complete Plug n Play Harness

Item Specification:

Aftermarket Styling

12V Supply

LED DRL's require about 90% less power than using your low beams

No light-source replacement

Extremelylong servicelife of at least 30,000 hours (Approx. 60x longer than a normal filament bulb)

SAE Approved

Daytime running lights provide moresafetythan low beams.

Optimumlight from the combination of Power LEDs and precision individual reflectors.


All lights are tested on our test bench for 8 hrs

Q1. Will it effect my vehicle battery, electrical and electronics?

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