Mxshl43 Motosport Projector Headlight Nissan Terrano | Mxshl43
MXSHL43 Motosport Projector Headlight Nissan Terrano
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MXSHL43 Motosport Projector Headlight Nissan Terrano

Brand: Mxs Motosport
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MXS Motosport Providing lighting solutions for automobile since 1992 High performance, long range Projector Headlights Extremely bright even in day light. Long range focused beam allows you see far way or through the dark. Manufactured by MXS Motosport Item Description: MXS Bi-Xenon Projectors Powerful HID Kit Day Time Running Lights with Turn Signal Indicator Function Replacement of stock company fitted headlights Package Include: 2 x Nissan Terrano Projector Headlights 1 x Powerful HID Kit 2 x MXS Motosport Decals 1 x MXS Motosport Catalog 10% Discount Code for MXS Motosport Items Item Specification: Aftermarket Headlights 12V Supply Color Temperature: 6000K (Pure white) or 8000K (Bluish White) {subjected to availability} Item features: Life span: 3,000+ hours, five times longer than Halogen bulb and greatly exceed total hours of an automobile during normal night Safety: HID projector uses a true projector with cut-off to provide a crisp, concentrated light out-put, it makes driver has more bright and clear vision at night and will not dazzle the oncoming vehicles. IMPORTANT NOTE: We use high quality turbo true AC Ballast only Friction free shutter/dipper coil Optically tested projector lenses All lights are tested on our test bench for 8 hrs Some Frequently asked questions: Q1. Will it effect visibility? Ans: MXS Bi xenon projectors provides tremendous visibility at night. Q2. Will it effect my vehicle battery, electrical and electronics? Ans: There is no harm to vehicle of any kind. Salient feature: Improved Visibility MXS HID headlights produce a brighter, more natural light than halogen headlights. The light produced by halogen headlights is slightly yellow, which can be distracting. Studies have shown that driver's using HID headlights have more visibility, which can increase reaction time in an emergency situation Longer Lasting MXS HID headlights last up to three times as long as halogen bulbs. This means less maintenance for vehicle owners and less waste produced. Lower Energy Usage MXS HID headlights consume much less energy than halogen bulbs, around 25 to 30 percent less. Since the energy used for headlights is provided by your car's electrical system and battery, HID headlights can possibly extend the life of your car's charging system. More Attractive MXS Many drivers upgrade to HID headlights as a fashion statement. The look is much cleaner and more sophisticated than yellowed halogen bulbs. Because MXS HID headlights are often associated with luxury cars, installing them in your vehicle can be an aesthetic upgrade. Whatever your reason is for upgrading your future car to HID headlights, it's sure to be a good one. Because of their benefits over halogen headlights, HID headlights are considered the future of automotive lighting by many experts. Warning: All lights are made by MXS MOTOSPORT Architecture and sealant of lights are changed in order to perform the custom job (This does not affect the fitment of product) Locks and clips of headlight are modified in order to perform the custom work (This does not affect the fitment of product) Kindly install properly to prevent any damage to headlight

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