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MXS2462 Audi Style Daytime DRL's Angel Eyes Chevrolet Captiva

MXS2462 Audi Style Daytime DRL's Angel Eyes Chevrolet Captiva
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MXS2462 Audi Style Daytime DRL's Angel Eyes Chevrolet Captiva
Regular price Rs. 9,490.00
Regular price Sale price Rs. 9,490.00
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MXS Motosport

Providing lighting solutions for automobile since 1992

Branded: Tech Hardy Product. BEWARE of Cheap COPY CATS

Components by Tech Hardy Racing Project

Product: NEW MXSDRL24 NEW Audi-Style White-Amber DRL Daytime Running Light and Cree Angel Eyes (Round) for Chevrolet Captiva


Ever wondered what are those lights which are installed on High end cars like Audi and Jaguar.

And an desire to have those lights in your car.


Well now you can have the same in your car. This Kit is specially intended to fulfill that desire.


Wait it is not over yet. This kitis one step ahead of those expensive cars day time running lights. This will glow white when parking lights are turned ON and will glow (blink) yellow when indicator is turned ON, when indicators are turned off it returns back to white.

Angel Eyes willglow bright white when the parking mode is on,

Isnt it exciting. And yes this MXS Kitcan be installed in yourcar headlight also.

MXS Daytimerunninglights and MXS Angel Eyes offer convincing advantages: They decisively improve visibility during the day and avoid the consumption-related disadvantages of driving with the low beam switched on, thanks to their significantly lower power requirements. With daytime running lights and angel eyes vehicles are seen earlier and recognized better by others on the road, which increases reaction time.


MXS LED DRL's and MXS Cree Angel Eyesrequire about 90% less power than using your low beams
No light-source replacement
Extremelylong servicelife of at least 15,000 hours (Approx. 30x longer than a normal filament bulb)
SAE Approved
MXS Daytime running lights and Angel Eyesprovide moresafetythan low beams.
Optimumlight from the combination of Power LEDs and precision individual reflectors.


Condition:100% brand new with original retail package or MXS Motosport packing

Certificate: SAE

Package includes:

2x24 Day time running lights

2xMicro controllers for turn signal function

2x Cree Angel Eyes (Round)

2x Micro Controlers for Angel Eyes power supply


Item Specifics:

Power input:12V vehicles
Product dimensions : DRL's24 long (Dimension 9 mm wide and 11 mm high)

Type: Full Flexible

Color Temperature Options:6000K(Super White -- Default) and Amber yellow

Round Angel Eyes fitted withwhite super bright cree chips

Fitting: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz




Headlight not included


Optically tested DRL and Angel Eyes


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