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MXS3917 LED ROOF LIGHT BAR For Ford Endeavour

MXS3917 LED ROOF LIGHT BAR For Ford Endeavour
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MXS3917 LED ROOF LIGHT BAR For Ford Endeavour
Regular price Rs. 19,990.00
Regular price Rs. 24,999.00 Sale price Rs. 19,990.00
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MXS Motosport

Providing lighting solutions for automobile since 1992


Product: Aftermarket MXS3917 LED Roof Light Bar for Ford Endeavour.


Condition:100% brand new with original retail package or MXS Motosport packing


Product Features:-


This is LED Roof Light Bar Hummer Style roof lights is commonly installed on the roof off-Road Vehicles, Jeep, SUV, Truck, Ford Endeavour.


Very easy to install, and will better enhance the safety of driving in daytime and night time.

Besides the safety improvement, this add-on LED Roof Light Lamps are commonly adopted by the newest European luxury vehicles such Hummer And off-road Vehicles


Adopt to Hight Power highbrightness LED, enough to arouse the attention of the other Vehicles, it play very good performance when it is used as the safetywarninglights.

Using LED Special constant current integrated circuit and good thermal design, power conversion rates as high as 90%. incaneffectivelyreduce the influence of the voltage on brightness, and it ensure the service life of LED light(up to 50,000 Hours, it is normal bulb incomparable).


Electroplatingreflective glass considers the opticalprinciplefully, and using multiplereflectordesign to improve the lamp brightness effectively and get the right lamplight illuminate range.

DurableAluminiumalloy base and good cooling effects.

Good Seal performance, anti-dust and good cooling effects.

can Be used as DAY RUNNING LIGHT.

Novel and Unique Design, Reasonable Structure easy to Install,

The Power brightness will reduce to 1/3 of its original one.


Spec & Features:


Color: White



Power Specifications:-


1. Working Voltage:- DC12V/24V

2. Por Duct Service Life:- 50,000 Hours

3. Working Temperature Range:- 40* +85* C




Adjust the good lighting angle and install the lights on the appropriate location




1. Don't look straight into the light.

2. It is normal that there is slight fever on the shell.




The Products can not be disassembled and transformed to use all damage on accidents arisen by that, our company is not responsible.



For use with 12V vehicles only

Ultra-Slim Design and Super Bright LED

Extremely Long Lasting Life & Low Power Consumption


Package Include:


1 x Hummer Style Roof LED Lamp

1 x MXS Motosport Catalouge

2 x MXS Motosport Decals.


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